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Benim Şapkam Karamkaşık!, Year One Complete.


INT. MOVIE STUDIO Title card: INTERMISSION We see Gelato Blue Thing materialize in front of a green screen. GELATO BLUE THING Woah. Where am I?! THE DIRECTOR walks on screen. THE DIRECTOR Why, Gelato Blue Thing, you’re on the movie set of Franklin Ovaltine and the Cannibal Aliens from Outer Space! GELATO BLUE THING Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? […]

I don’t know. I don’t speak penguin.


FRANKLIN OVALTINE ACT TWO (Act One: They Share A Laugh) TIME TRAVEL GO. That is all.

They share a laugh.


Franklin Ovaltine and the Cannibal Aliens From Outer Space: tHIS is quit possiblie the BEST MOVIE EVAR MADE EVAR. In other words, I wrote a deliberately bad action movie script. This is Act One of Three. You pretty much have to read it to appreciate JUST HOW BAD it really is. So please. Read it […]