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Reverse Ketchup Bandits


Kevin Chandrarajan: sitting on the toilet you notice that your ketchup bottle has mysteriously replaced your toothpaste. you find this strange as you never brushh your teeth which mean you never had a tootpaste tube….so what did it replace you hear a noise coming from beneath your loins. as a reflex you check your peripherals […]

Benim Şapkam Karamkaşık!, Year One Complete.


INT. MOVIE STUDIO Title card: INTERMISSION We see Gelato Blue Thing materialize in front of a green screen. GELATO BLUE THING Woah. Where am I?! THE DIRECTOR walks on screen. THE DIRECTOR Why, Gelato Blue Thing, you’re on the movie set of Franklin Ovaltine and the Cannibal Aliens from Outer Space! GELATO BLUE THING Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? […]

I don’t know. I don’t speak penguin.


FRANKLIN OVALTINE ACT TWO (Act One: They Share A Laugh) TIME TRAVEL GO. That is all.

They share a laugh.


Franklin Ovaltine and the Cannibal Aliens From Outer Space: tHIS is quit possiblie the BEST MOVIE EVAR MADE EVAR. In other words, I wrote a deliberately bad action movie script. This is Act One of Three. You pretty much have to read it to appreciate JUST HOW BAD it really is. So please. Read it […]

And I DID post it “somewher.” :D


(This began KINDA about the Arrogant Worms song I quoted here…) VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV [22:22:13] Kevin says: r… c… m… p… it seems the rcmp / is not the life for me [22:22:32] A Censored Kentuckian Crasian says: lol yes [22:22:35] A Censored Kentuckian Crasian says: sounds familiar [22:22:46] Kevin says: “Sometimes I just want to puke […]

Gordon, Chapter 1


(Future Kevin note, Mar. 14th 2011: This story is definitely going to be redone in a different format, but I’ll keep it up for posterity I guess) “ will be back in a minute!” is just a terrible phrase. Just throwing that out there. Also, HI. Yeah, I don’t… I don’t post here much sometimes. […]

Confucius says, Boredom is the mother of creativity.


“The Scientific Process” – Honestly, I just wanted to create a superhero, but needed an origin story for him, and then realized I had the perfect character to tell such a story: Dr. Atticus, a crazy scientist from an as-of-yet unfinished (and mostly unstarted) video game. It might not be perfect, but that’s cause I […]

The most work I intend to do in this class


Kevin and Nars sat boredly in Film 110, listening to the teacher trying to pretend that she was saying interesting things. The teacher shouted buzzwords like sex and barricades, but really, what she was going on about was pretty much a load of crap. French crap, to be exact. “In 61, she was a young […]

Snakes eat cats, neckmeat.


I haven’t posted here in a while, but nothing’s really been on my mind that is really uberbloggable… (Update, though: I GOT MARIO KART WII :D) Back in the beginning of 2009, I had written a script for the final video for Studio LC, a video production focus program I was in. Unfortunately, circumstances made […]

In the News – Nov 21 – Dec 21.


This past month, newspapers and websites across the world have spoke out about various issues in the world. I’ve found three overlooked articles, and will repost excerpts from them in this blog. This is what’s In the News: In the December 18th edition of the Phoenix newspaper The Arizona Zone, substitute Sports columnist Randy McDanick […]