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"Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time."

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Inspirational Conversations of Great Men #Something larger than 3.


remember tamagochi……i had 5 they died….. lolol the first one was a dlamation after he died i was under the impression that all dalmations explded when you ignored there insistent beeping to poop

Inspirational Conversations of Great Men #4


I’m kinda surprised I haven’t posted this before, but it just became relevant in a string of Facebook postings: (Click to enlarge) Anyway the latest question asked was what I thought of Global Warming, and it reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend, the Other Kevin, when I was supposed to be […]

Inspirational Conversations of Great Men #3


Same as last time. White is me, brown is the other Kevin, green is Edmond, black is the other Edmond. LOL to catch a predator so funny i love it …what. to catch a predator is so good LOL …okay. maybe they can do something about that tiger in toronto! maybe i misunderstand how the […]

Inspirational Conversations of Great Men 2: Kings of the Fuzzy Iguana Monkeys


The Great Men of these conversations will be played by Kevin M. Johnston Kevin Chandrarajan and Edmond Lee ————————————————————————– THIS IS WORSE THAN THAT TIME I FELL OFF A STATUE OF TIME LMAO