Benim Şapkam Karamkaşık!
"Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time."

Dictionarious of the Day: Veefening pointless.

Veefen: v. To take on the attributes of an adjective, so as to become the personification of that adjective in a person’s mind. Albert Einstein, for example, has veefened genius.

“He veefened generous when he loaned me his personal plane so I could impress a date.”

Another one from the weird meerkat poem that I had to essentially destroy grammar to define properly.

Also I’m enjoying that you can just write these posts and say “hey publish this five days from now” because it allows me to be future-lazy and write the last few posts all on Jan. 3rd rather than today. Your today, not my today. In my today, I’m off to Netflix. In your today, I’m probably off to sleep cause I have school in the morning. Sucks to be you, your-today-me!

That is all.

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