Benim Şapkam Karamkaşık!
"Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time."

Dictionarious of the Day: This is how we wockyearn.

Wockyearn: v. To figure out a word by using it in a sentence.

“Can you wockyearn “cantankerous” for me?” “What?” “It means to use it in a sentence so I can figure it out.” “Can you wockyearn “wockyearn” for me?” “No, that would be loopid.”

This one’s not on the Scrabble board, but it is connected to it in a way. When I was writing this list of definitions, there were some words I just couldn’t work out a definition for, so instead, I decided to use them in a sentence, without knowing their meaning, and sort of… define them backwards.

I was thinking about Jabberwocky when I did it (hence the obvious portmanteau of wocky and learn), as there are many words in that poem which have obvious meaning, but are still invented words (ie. frumious, brillig, etc.). So what I did was I wrote a little sonnet…

O hear a tale, ’tis of a meerkat, Zit.
For hating names, his name was quite the best.
He loathed it quite, and yorvled every bit.
That awful Z, the I, and all the rest.

But soon, he felt a gilg within him rise.
The panqham that complained had gone away
A pride for name did grow to veefen wise.
The cts, the yorveling, were naught today.

And pougivies, he noted, were bhi and vast.
The name he had been given now seemed grand.
He knew not why the change had come so fast.
So on that zect, he pondered, head in hand

The answer, Zit discerned, was that, alas,
He’d met a porcupine named Assigass.

Poor porcupine. Anyway, I’m sure that is nonsense to you, as it was to me, but I forced myself to derive meaning from it where there clearly was none (also known as “literary analysis”). For instance, I looked at the verb “to yorvle” and saw how it was used. I had said he loathed his name, and then added that he yorvled it as well, so it couldn’t mean “hate” or anything like that. So I chose a different definition that still made sense – that he obsessed over it, namely the smallest details of it (The Z itself, the I itself, etc.) and thus:

Yorvle: v. To brood and obsess over tiny and often unchangeable details.
       “I have to make sure all these lines are straight before I send this out for printing.” “Come on, stop yorvling and send it already!”

Anyway, the rest of the words in this poem will be defined in the next couple weeks, so until then,

That is all.

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