Benim Şapkam Karamkaşık!
"Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time."

Dictionarious of the Day: How to brontle effectively.


Brontle: v. To be about to do something for a long period of time but never quite getting around to it, despite having no convictions against the idea.

As in, “I’ve been brontling over starting a pretzel farm.”

This is one that pretty much needed to be a word as it describes many of my projects’ statuses. At any given time, I’m brontling over twelve to seventy ideas that may or may not ever come to fruition. Learning another language? Brontled. Write an entire essay in iambic pentameter? Brontled. Starting up a pretzel farm is not a brontled idea… yet.

But the real reason I chose this one is because I used in a sentence today and the person I was talking to didn’t even question it. I was all like, “Yeah, we’ve just been brontling over going there, and haven’t done it. No real reason why.” Which makes it essentially Oxford canon, in my mind.

This is how dictionaries get WRIT, people.

That is all.

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