Benim Şapkam Karamkaşık!
"Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time."

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Dictionarious of the Day: Veefening pointless.


Veefen: v. To take on the attributes of an adjective, so as to become the personification of that adjective in a person’s mind. Albert Einstein, for example, has veefened genius. “He veefened generous when he loaned me his personal plane so I could impress a date.” Another one from the weird meerkat poem that I […]

Dictionarious of the Day: Identifying your panqhams


Without further ado, let’s explain the following sentence from my strange acne meerkat poem: “The panqham that complained had gone away.” Panqham (PANG-kem): n. Piece of consciousness.     “Do you have one of those uh… whatchacallit… uh… my literate panqham is apparently in a coma.” There’s probably another word for this, but I don’t know what […]

Dictionarious of the Day: The problem with Where’s Waldo re-reads


Bhi: adj. Unmistakably clear where it was previously unclear. “There’s a continuity error in Star Wars where a piece of garbage vanishes and reappears on Luke’s head between shots. Since I noticed, it’s bhi every time I watch it.” First off, that example sentence is completely true. An alternate example would be the arrow in […]

Dictionarious of the Day: This is how we wockyearn.


Wockyearn: v. To figure out a word by using it in a sentence. “Can you wockyearn “cantankerous” for me?” “What?” “It means to use it in a sentence so I can figure it out.” “Can you wockyearn “wockyearn” for me?” “No, that would be loopid.” This one’s not on the Scrabble board, but it is […]

Dictionarious of the Day: JUXAW!


Juxaw: interjection. Means “Oh, how happy I am in the universe where I did not just do that. I might just build a portal to get there and kill alternate universe me out of spite and take other-my place. That stupid alternate universe jerk.” Often used when one stubs their toe. “Just so you know, […]

Dictionarious of the Day: Dictionarious of the Day.


Loopid: adj. 1) pertaining to exact repetition. “I’m really really happy that my happiness is real” is merely repetitive. “You’re such a jerk that you’re such a jerk” is loopid.     “If I keep repeating myself, the next few words I say will be about the fact that if I keep repeating myself, the next […]

Dictionarious of the Day: How to brontle effectively.


TODAY’S WORD IS Brontle: v. To be about to do something for a long period of time but never quite getting around to it, despite having no convictions against the idea. As in, “I’ve been brontling over starting a pretzel farm.” This is one that pretty much needed to be a word as it describes many of my […]

Dictionarious and Scrabblicious


Sometimes I make up words. The other night, I made up a lot of them, by finding a just-started Scrabble game and drawing tiles seven at a time and placing them as if they were real words. This is the type of thing that my life is, apparently. I’ve already written definitions for all of […]